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Petition to: Help maintain Home Support for the frail and elderly - Woking Borough Council

We the undersigned petition Woking Borough Council to Help maintain Home Support for the frail and elderly. More details

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Surrey County Council intend to cut a budget of £186,000 to Woking Borough Council which is used to support vulnerable people in Sheltered Accommodation. This means that elderley and fragile people living alone will be abandoned unless they are seriously ill. We must keep our team of Home Support workers who work tirelessly to look after our elderly and fragile citizens.

Current signatories

John Goodridge, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Liz Davis
  • sue
  • Mary Spicer
  • Gerald mcdermott
  • Marie mason
  • Malcolm Rhodes
  • Brenda Farquhar
  • Alison Tigwell
  • tracey Pollard
  • Patrick Pigram
  • kathleen Casey-Galleu
  • Mary Lucas
  • Gail Kenny
  • Marcia Butler
  • Nichola Hagan
  • Garry Mills
  • Liz Robb
  • Mary Williams
  • Seb Purbrick
  • Ritu Bansal
  • Pik Ti Ang
  • David Peattie
  • Ian Hay
  • David Williams