Petition to: Keep David Lloyd private health and fitness club in Kingfield and off Greenfield land at Egley Road

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Woking Borough Council to Keep David Lloyd private health and fitness club in Kingfield and off Greenfield land at Egley Road. More details

Petition update from the council, 01 April 2021

Thank you for submitting your petition regarding Keep David Lloyd private health and fitness club in Kingfield and off Greenfield land at Egley Road.

This petition has been referred to the meeting of the Executive as the number of signatures received through the petition exceeds the threshold required for a petition to be referred to a meeting of the Executive.

The next meeting of the Executive is to be held on 17 June 2021 at 7.00pm at the Civic Offices, Gloucester Square, Woking. The meeting will be open to Members of Public and a live webcast will be shown through the Council's website. The agenda will be published a week before the meeting”.

More details from petition creator

Woking Borough Council, as landowner and leaseholder of David Lloyd club in Kingfield and landowner at the proposed new site at Egley Road, we, members of David Lloyd and /or local Woking residents, implore you to keep David Lloyd in Kingfield for the following reasons and not terminate their lease:

David Lloyd does not need to move. It is newly refurbished with state of the art Blaze studios and new courts. The move is purely to facilitate an over-development of Kingfield, in the interests of Woking FC and not David Lloyd members (over 3k).

- It provides great amenity value for the residents of South Woking and beyond who walk as well as drive to the club.

- The new Greenfield site at Egley cannot be justified as the best use of this land, whilst also being right next to Woking Council's own Sport Box new gym.

It will displace a significant amount of traffic/cars to Egley Road as the club has over 3000 members. This is not environmentally friendly as almost all members will have to drive to the Egely road location

- The proposed new facilities are not in the majority of the members best interests as there are fewer tennis courts and a likely membership fee hike

Thank you for your consideration

Current signatories

Jeremy Instone, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Claire Edgar
  • Emma Price
  • Cyndy Petersen
  • Amy Loughborough
  • Carolyn Hickman
  • Jennifer Low
  • Inas abdelhamid
  • Sharmilee paigude
  • Anurada Krishnan
  • Suzanne Hoddinott
  • James Allen
  • Michele Turitto
  • Elaine Gada
  • Monika Mills
  • Hayley Butler
  • Emese Nagy
  • Claire Stephens
  • Monique van Bellen
  • Stefan Marev
  • Colin Harbour
  • Jenny Ryan
  • Jess Clarke
  • Robert Jones
  • Jamie Sims
  • Judy Yau
  • Olivia Henley
  • Rachel Kindi Sperl de Faria
  • Avril Harbour
  • Ryan O'Connor
  • Dhruv Chadha
  • Louisa Goffredi
  • Zoë Haydn
  • Dean Hayward
  • Karen Woodland
  • Margarita Deeble
  • Dmitrijs Rastoropovs
  • Daniele Caputo
  • Fina Yang
  • Parin Gada
  • Ged Barnett
  • Claire Hale
  • Christopher Ambery-Smith
  • Sakthi Kandasamy
  • Dan Martin
  • Linda Aitchison
  • James Henley
  • Kathryn Hardman
  • G Wadman
  • Sanchay Srivastava
  • Natasha Dean
  • Colin Franks
  • Darryl Barnes
  • Cristina Dawson
  • Jacquie Butterick
  • Terry-Anne Sullivan
  • Matthew Deadman
  • Zoe Legg
  • Jayne Bennett
  • Robert Shatwell
  • Andy Caulfield
  • Gaoyan Luo
  • jane salih
  • ismail salih
  • clifford richards
  • Jackie Golding
  • Freddie Golding
  • Jackie Taylor
  • Tony Pitcher
  • Jane Green
  • Dimitris Morochartzis
  • Juliet Rayner
  • Kristy Lintott
  • Andrew Stormer
  • Cameron Snape
  • Sandy Bridger
  • Daniela Marev
  • P Petersen
  • William Taplin
  • Christine Thorp
  • Derek Gibson
  • paula grant
  • Tim Moore
  • Angela Sturt
  • Roberto Garcia
  • Charlotte Knight
  • Holly Thierry
  • Sheila Dorkings
  • Alayne Verrall
  • Linda Murray
  • Lorna Currie Thomopoulos
  • Paula Aiello
  • Nicky Murza
  • Nicola Pretty
  • Jane mcneil
  • Sophie Owen
  • Matthew Brennan
  • Katy Ryder
  • Jack ogreen
  • Michael Boorman
  • Daniel Thomas
  • Remedios Thomas
  • Rashmi Chowdhury
  • Cydne Miles