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Petition to: Remove the prohibition on begging from the Public Space Protection Order - Woking Borough Council

We the undersigned petition Woking Borough Council to Remove the prohibition on begging from the Public Space Protection Order. More details

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We the undersigned call on Woking Borough Council to remove the prohibition on begging from the Public Space Protection Order.

Woking Borough Council argue that begging can be intimidating. If someone feels intimidated, the Police can use existing powers under the Public Order Act.

The council also said there is no need to beg in Woking- because there is sufficient help available. Unfortunately, there are long waits for intensive mental health and substance misuse treatment.

And lastly, it is claimed that many people who beg aren't actually homeless. Of course, lying about your circumstances is fraud and the Police can use existing powers to deal with it.

Current signatories

Dominic, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Luke Buckland
  • ray mercer
  • angela tomkins
  • patricia winning
  • Charlotte Richards
  • Louise Coupland
  • Max E.Mumm
  • Lexa Krug
  • Janet Bude-Lemi
  • Ceri Hirst
  • Terri Murray
  • Josie Appleton
  • Andrew Cox
  • Marcus Appleton
  • Hugo Sugg
  • Paul Simpson
  • Mary Simpson
  • Tirza Waisel
  • Lewis Hearn
  • Alison Buckland
  • heidi clubbs
  • Jackie Bartram
  • Angeline Hargreaves
  • Anne Clarke
  • Steven melia
  • Norah Cowpe
  • Mark Johnson
  • Peter Nelson
  • Mrs F Lewis
  • Franklin Percival
  • susan pearce
  • Dennis Hardie
  • Christine Taylor
  • Philip Bagenal-Lowe
  • Robert G Brown
  • Manish Dyall
  • Jay Styler
  • Scott Nelson
  • John Fitzpatrick
  • Selene Maher
  • Leanne McGowan
  • Helen Brown
  • John Heath
  • Kathleen Craigs
  • pennie woodfall
  • Mike Coulson
  • Arvind Parmessur
  • Shaun Nicholls
  • Marketa Smitova
  • alan cocks
  • Calvin
  • Laura Bennett
  • David Allen
  • Miranda Pennels
  • Mary Catherine Fowler
  • Liam cato
  • George William Gray
  • James Barber
  • Paul Beardsell
  • Mrs R Arif
  • Paul Hoekstra
  • Alan George