Petition to: Appoint an oversight committee to determine if the Loan Agreement with Goldev Woking Ltd should be voided

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Woking Borough Council to Appoint an oversight committee to determine if the Loan Agreement with Goldev Woking Ltd should be voided. More details

Petition update from the council, 26 May 2021

Thank you for submitting your petition regarding Goldev Woking.

This petition has been referred to the meeting of the Executive as the number of signatures received through the petition exceeds the threshold required for a petition to be referred to a meeting of the Executive.

The next meeting of the Executive is to be held on 17 June 2021 at 7.00pm at the Civic Offices, Gloucester Square, Woking. The meeting will be open to Members of Public and a live webcast will be shown through the Council's website. The agenda will be published a week before the meeting”.

More details from petition creator

We ask that Woking Borough Council appoint an oversight committee to determine if there have been material breaches of the £250m Loan Agreement with Goldev Woking Ltd.

The reason for this request is that there have been two changes that appear to be in breach of the Loan Agreement. Council Tax payers have tried eliciting replies from WBC Finance Department however the department repeated fails to reply.

The material changes to be considered are a) the ownership of the Borrower "Goldev Woking Ltd" has changed materially since the Loan Agreement was struck and appears to breach "18.6 Material adverse changes" b) in breach of the Loan Agreement Section 19.9 Goldev Woking Ltd has taken on board Security with Frith Holdings Ltd. The only security should be WBC acting as the only beneficiary in the event of difficulties.

As stated above in light of this we ask that an oversight committee be appointed and if they feel appropriate that the Loan Agreement is voided.

Current signatories

Jeremy Instone, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Amy Loughborough
  • Andy Caulfield
  • Ged Barnett
  • Mark Loughborough
  • Rebecca White
  • Colin Harbour
  • Monique van Bellen
  • Jenny Ryan
  • Nicky Murza
  • Rachel Williams
  • Claire Edgar
  • Avril Harbour
  • jane salih
  • ismail salih
  • Hayley Butler
  • Cyndy Petersen
  • Ruth Croucher
  • Margaret McILWAINE
  • Linda Aitchison
  • Karen Woodland
  • Emma Price
  • Cathy Chappell
  • Matthew Heather
  • Michelle Hammans
  • Jayne Bennett
  • Dean Hayward
  • Claire Hale
  • Holly Thierry
  • Sandy Bridger
  • Kathryn Hardman
  • Alexander Keep
  • Richard Macadam
  • Bernadette Fischler
  • Carolyn Hickman
  • Linda Murray
  • Tim Moore
  • Zoë Haydn
  • Angela Sturt
  • Denize Adams
  • Samantha Phillips
  • Eleni Papadopoulou
  • Alayne Verrall
  • Sheila Dorkings
  • Kym Promnitz
  • Vicky Barnes
  • Paula Aiello
  • Robert Shatwell
  • Nicola Elizabeth Pretty
  • James Pretty
  • Jane mcneil
  • Denise Rouse
  • Graham Rouse
  • Matthew Brennan
  • Katy Ryder
  • Amanda Davenport
  • Michele Turitto
  • Teri Smith
  • Iain Macdonald
  • Jacquie Butterick
  • Cliff Richards
  • Irene Ridgeon
  • Amanda Cook
  • Eve Michaelis
  • Robert Bolitho
  • Katie Bowes
  • Oliver bowes
  • Michael Boorman
  • Richard Sheldrake
  • Julia Woolhouse
  • Lisa Land
  • E E Lee
  • Paul Dyer
  • Aaron VARDY
  • Jennifer Henson
  • Fiona Syrett
  • Daniel Thomas
  • Jo Reed
  • Remy Thomas
  • Camilla Hawkins
  • Krista Rooney
  • Marie richards
  • Nicola Stephens
  • Catherine Thaine
  • Chiara Cadei
  • Marianne Meinke
  • michael taylor
  • Robert Hughes
  • Susanne Martensson Barnett
  • susan webb
  • Wendy Pay
  • Dani Longhurst
  • Claerwyn Hamilton-Wilkes
  • Maureen Gunnee
  • Kay Webb
  • William Taplin
  • Melanie Bartlett
  • Gerald Brian Griffiths
  • Anne Sauer
  • Hugh McDonald
  • Darryl Barnes
  • patrick lonergan
  • Fiona Seymour
  • Chris Martin
  • Anthony Fraser
  • Diana Fraser
  • Stephen Lord
  • Susan Leask
  • Sarah Newport
  • Elli Hunt
  • Stephen Wilder
  • Ian Makowski
  • Vu Nguyen
  • Eric Stuart-Bamford
  • Robin Milner
  • Tim Tringham