Petition to: Ask Ray Morgan to step down in light of the situation regarding the email.

We the undersigned petition Woking Borough Council to Ask Ray Morgan to step down in light of the situation regarding the email. More details

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The recent controversial email sent to Cllr Bittleston offering to support a political party with election material. Remember that Mr Morgan has been the official Returning Officer in many of the political elections for Woking and Surrey. As Chief Executive for Woking Council he clearly has a duty to be non-political. Also there must be the subject of victoria square to be considered as well.

Petition Rejected

This petition has been rejected because:

  • It was an issue for which an e-petition is not the appropriate channel

Additional information about this rejection:
Thank you for your petition which was submitted on 16 February 2018. The Council’s Monitoring Officer has advised that it would not be appropriate for the proposed petition to be published on the Council’s website. In particular, he considers that the proposed wording of the petition is not suitable for the following reasons:- (i) The Council’s Petitions Scheme provides that “A petition must … relate to a function of the Council …” This does not include seeking the removal of its Chief Executive. This is an action which (if the Council was minded to consider it) should be addressed in the context of employment law and the Council’s Constitution, not in response to a petition. (ii) The e-mail sent by the Chief Executive is already the subject of formal complaints which are being considered by the Monitoring Officer in accordance with the Council’s Complaints Procedure.” Kind regards Democratic Services.