Petition to: Road Safety around the Roads of Old Woking.

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Woking Borough Council to Road Safety around the Roads of Old Woking. More details

Petition update from the council, 19 December 2018

Thank you for your petition on Road Safety in Old Woking. We can advise that your petition did not attract any further responses therefore we propose to share the details of your petition with Surrey Highways colleagues but recommend no further action at this time.

Should you have any further comments regards Surrey Highways then a more direct approach using the link attached may be more appropriate.

More details from petition creator

This Petition is to get Woking Council to make the Roads in the Whole of Old Woking Much safer then they are Now. Everyone Knows in Old Woking, the Roads are a Total Shambles, and Very Unsafe for Drivers and Pedestrians. The True Facts is, Shakleford Road is used as a Grand Prix Circuit (Especially When the Students finish at Woking College). Rydens Way now has a Terrible Reputation of Daily Near Misses, and Regular Car Crashes. Woking Council State they Cannot deal with Safer Roads, Until Someone is Dead. Woking Council MUST put It's own Citizens Safety first, Instead of just Making Money and Profits. If it isn't a Car Crash, Next Might be a Child.

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We need things Perhaps like a Zebra Crossing, Speed Signs. The Plants and Bushes to be Removed at Rydens way, and Farm Road. Better Road Linings. Perhaps Revert Rydens way to One Way Roads, as they were Meant to be Originally.

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