Petition to: To review planning applicants on back garden developments in Byfleet.

We the undersigned petition Woking Borough Council to To review planning applicants on back garden developments in Byfleet. More details

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I would like to propose a WBC introduce a policy to stop the developments of Residential back garden land where there is local residential opposition.

1: restrict the use of residential garden land for new housing development to require local community involvement. 2: limit the number of occasions that a developer can appeal plans for such developments previously refused to two submissions, even where such appeals contain for revised detail. 3: limit the developer from increasing on developments existing planning applications/developments. 4: disallow the presentation of revised developments and plans following refusals where there is local resident opposition. The opposition to any such scheme should be judged by the number of residents who are likely to be affected by such a proposal.

A garden technically forms part of the buffer strip between neighbours it’s not formally designated for any development would be intrusive upon neighbours. Any development will disturb numerous wildlife that frequent the gardens. Increase traffic flow that the area already struggles with, and room for parking. There are 2 schools in the area which are oversubscribed. .

Current signatories

Mr Daniel Goodger, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Benjamin Merrick
  • Krista Rooney
  • Donna Goodger
  • Victoria Baldwin
  • Donna Eaton
  • Richard Gibson
  • Peter Jenner
  • Tracey Radford
  • Emma Packington
  • Monique Loots
  • Margaret Keane
  • Yvette Louise Tree
  • Amanda Butler
  • Paul Butler
  • Brenda Edwards
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  • Janet Buckmaster
  • Matthew Diller
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  • Natasha Fahy
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  • John Curd
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  • Jacqueline Bezi
  • Julia Cryer
  • Jess Collins
  • Claire Calder
  • Laura Merrick
  • Jim Craig
  • susan regan
  • brian smith
  • David Lewis
  • Martin Gilchrist
  • Kerry Regan
  • Fabien Callens
  • Sayeh Kirk
  • David Chambers