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We the undersigned petition to… Submitted by Deadline to sign by Signatures
Protect Woking ParkMr Chris Martin20 October 2010425
The Queen's Jubliee (with response)Mr John Woolgar 3 June 20111
place a litter bin at the bus stop in Barnby Road at the junction of Nursery Road (with response)Olly Wells14 July 201148
stop the proposed York Road Project halfway-house in Wilbury Road. (with responses)Mr Phil Miller 5 October 2011486
Maintain the replacement pedestrian bridge over the Basingstoke canal to the Brewery Road car park at the present level or lower. (with responses)Carole Frost21 October 20111874
Provide suitable measures and enforcement to tackle the dog waste problem in Knaphill (with responses)Dr Thomas Fuller21 February 2012280
Give planning, support and local funding for an Indoor skatepark. (with responses)Brian Stokes17 March 2012191
Provide a building of reasonable size in Woking Town Centre to accommodate a Community Cultural Centre and Live Music Venue. (with response)Elaine McGinty15 April 2014454
provide and maintain suitable public toilet facilities at Goldsworth Park Lake and Recreation Ground to meet the needs of the many residents, sports participants and spectators, and visitors to the area. (with response)Ms Irene Watson 4 June 2014747
level out the new mound that is being created in our park to retain the original flat playing area. (with response)Natasha Zinman22 July 2014126
consider the Woodlands Park, Sheerwater Petition.Mrs Janet Ellis 1 October 2014128
Retain the area of natural grassland in Goldsworth Recreation Park known as North Meadow which is bordered by Claydon Road, Willowmead Close and the children’s play area. (with responses)Mr Gerald Smeesters 2 May 20161438
Install wheelchair accessible equipment in just 1 of the 40 play areas in the borough (with response)Catriona Lewis14 August 2016621
take action to bring back overnight street lighting. (with response)Fiona Syrett11 May 2017463
Help maintain Home Support for the frail and elderly (with responses)John Goodridge18 September 201735
Remove the prohibition on begging from the Public Space Protection Order (with responses)Dominic23 February 201865
Bring back Carlos ( the ice cream men) and remove the “cafe in the park” at woking ParkJaveria Ahmed12 October 20181145
Stop the demolition of the shops on guildford road (with response)Hales 2 November 2018619
Road Safety around the Roads of Old Woking. (with response)John Hales15 December 20182
Protect Byfleet and West Byfleet's Remaining Green BeltMrs Fiona Syrett21 January 2019796
Recognise the Hoe Valley Neighbourhood Forum and area at it’s council meeting on 25th of July or earlier if possible. (with response)Nick Murza16 June 2019172

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