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We the undersigned petition to… Submitted by
Dispute the recent Planning Application regarding the Phone Mast erection at Loop Road Recreation Ground.Mr Daniel Coss
ratify the Hoe Valley Neighbourhood Forum at WBC council meeting on 25th JulyKaren Smith
Install Traffic Light (Pelican Crossing) Crossing Outside Send COFE Primary SchoolMr Richard Knotek
re-instate the family that has provied the families of the area with ice cream for more than 27 years just to be tossed aside to be replaced witha kios which is far from ideal, I dont know who is responsible for the decision to replace the family witha kios that cannot provide the refreshments for children and adults in a way which is very English and relaxed on a visit to a park. something is not right here and we the public demand you have alook again and see what people who frequent the park especially in the summer months require; I am sure it si not queing up for ages for an ice cream which is not available in the for that two gernerations of people going to Woking Park are use to.Griffiths
If England win the world cup, change the name of Woking Market Walk (GU216GA) to Dele Alli in honour.MR H J HUTCHINS
Ask Ray Morgan to step down in light of the situation regarding the email.MR ALAN W GEORGE
Prevent the closure of Eccher’s coffee kiosk on Woking train stationMr Thomas Eker
Object to Change of use of land from agricultural to four pitches for an extended Romani Gypsy family with associated works, 4 day rooms, hardstanding and septic tankVictoria
Place dog waste bins in the Knaphill area and Stafford lakeIkpaisong Udobang
give planing and funding to return the open area at Sheer house to it's former gloryjohn woolgar

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