Petition to: level out the new mound that is being created in our park to retain the original flat playing area.

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Woking Borough Council to level out the new mound that is being created in our park to retain the original flat playing area. More details

Petition update from the council, 29 July 2014

The Petitioners met with the Council's Chief Executive and agreed action to remedy the position accordingly. The petition will not be considered by the Council unless the agreed works are not fully implemented by June 2015.

More details from petition creator

Children will roll down the mound. The height & incline of the mound is dangerous & descends onto a concrete path on one side & a hedge with protruding concrete blocks on the other.

We won’t be able to observe our children. Once up there, they will be out of sight.

Children have safely played ball in this area as it’s set back from the road & the layout let parents keep visual contact with them & siblings in the playground. Young children will now have to play ball in an area that is too small & dangerously close to a road.

The area was used for community events, gatherings & activities which depended upon use of a large, flat area.

As the mound is unsuitable for ball games/picnics, everyone will be forced into the same small, flat area next to the playground.

The bowls users & adjoining neighbours’ sites may be overlooked affecting their privacy.

The new path at the bottom of the mound will force traffic along the adjoining neighbours’ gardens as people won’t navigate the mound.

By lowering the height of the mound & widening it, the area could remain flat achieving the council’s aim of cost effectively moving the dirt, whilst retaining its existing use for the community.

Current signatories

Natasha Zinman, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Helen Thabrew
  • Gihan Thabrew
  • Camille Morgan
  • Gilly Zinman
  • Alexandra Summerfield
  • Joanne Sutherland
  • Melisa Kuipers
  • Katy Henry
  • Lisa Wood
  • Sheonagh friend
  • Lisa Clayton-Jones
  • Rembrandt Kuipers
  • Helen Allen
  • Lucinda Grainger
  • Anne-Marie Claxton
  • Jayne Wright
  • Jonathan Morton
  • Sophie Lock
  • Lisa Underhill
  • Emer Mander-O'Beirne
  • Paul Mander-O'Beirne
  • Sharon Fawcett
  • Ed Hussey
  • David Stotter
  • Sarah Blieschke
  • Brenda Francis
  • Caroline Vasques
  • Simon Algar
  • Jane Ford
  • John Cooke
  • Phillip Price
  • Zoe Steele
  • Alastair George
  • Chris Clayton-Jones
  • Sarah Lloyd-Jones
  • Shelley Tuohy
  • Alana perfect
  • Paul Tuohy
  • Stuart Climpson
  • Vicky Sullivan
  • michael sullivan
  • Darren Summerfield
  • Karen Sawyer
  • Christopher Carkett
  • Rhiannon Silk
  • Emma Elliott
  • Louise Durbin
  • Martin Heeney
  • Kirsten Conlon
  • Robert Morton
  • Val Challiss
  • Janis Warren
  • Catherine Sutcliffe
  • John Doran
  • Graham Barden
  • Peter Chowney
  • Bernice King
  • David Lye
  • Pusan Reid
  • Jo Hussey
  • Sophia Stravoravdis
  • Hannah Kimnell
  • John Bishop
  • Caz Warren
  • Traudl Eilers
  • Tom Kimnell
  • Nick Robinson
  • Ala' Awaisheh
  • Greg Conlon
  • Rolf Eilers
  • Shani Townend
  • Graham Barden
  • Graham Barden
  • Cathy Sandsund
  • Carole White
  • Vanessa King
  • Victoria Jackson
  • Sarah James
  • Maggie Bishop
  • David Cowell
  • Diane Parsons
  • Jacquie Chamberlain
  • Shara Reedman
  • Tony Catley
  • Anne Catley
  • Joy Leach
  • Clifford Leach
  • Patricia Northey
  • Mary Beamih
  • David Moore
  • David Green
  • Marty Hampton
  • Irene Fawley
  • Paul Fawley
  • Les jermey
  • Mr.D.Burnett
  • Dave Ingham
  • Roger Tapley
  • Freda Bishop
  • Simon Bennett
  • Elena Morozova
  • Nicola Orpin
  • Pat Coatsworth
  • Sally Coles
  • Gillian Coles
  • Rachel Turner
  • Ian Whiting
  • Mr G J Plowman
  • rosemary george
  • Margaret Wade
  • Amanda Ciccone
  • Elizabeth Davis
  • joan hillier
  • Zoe Williams
  • Narinder Ubhi
  • Salley Evans
  • Robin Hoyle
  • Carole frost
  • Michael frost
  • vicki freeman
  • Jennifer Fowler
  • Katarzyna Kaminska
  • Gill von Blumencron
  • Ali von Blumencron